By joining forces to create Strangely Perfect, Roberto DeJesus and Eric Borja are uniquely qualified to navigate today’s ever-changing social media landscape and take a brand to the next level by creating visually stunning branded content for any social media platform.

Strangely Perfect is the symbol of over 13 years of friendship between Roberto and Eric. A shared professional history in film, commercials and social media unified in the name of storytelling, creative freedom and authenticity. Roberto and Eric met in New York City as PA’s on The Interpreter. They didn’t know it yet, but both would move to LA and eventually form Strangely Perfect together.

Roberto cut his teeth in production offices and on the sets of big studio movies like EnchantedThe Bourne Ultimatum and The Good Shepherd. When he moved to LA to further his directing career, he transitioned to the commercial industry. It was through his work in commercials that Roberto was able to start shooting behind-the-scenes and lifestyle videos for brands, as well as branded content for social media. Through this avenue, he was able to find his passion and talent for creating social content and connecting with social audiences. He was featured in Forbes and TechCrunch as one of the most popular and visually distinct influencers on Flipagram.  

Eric transitioned from film production to film finance as he worked at Groundswell Productions (Milk, The Informant, and The Visitor) and Illumination Entertainment (Despicable Me Franchise, Minions). Recently, he has ventured out to work on his own digital media start ups. While consulting at a major commercial production company, Eric got a glimpse of the sea change occurring in the commercial world and knew that he wanted to join Roberto as a creator in the branded content world.