As the son of the original Spiderman, Fred Waugh, Scott began to dabble as a filmmaker at the young age of 12. Like his father, Scott became a stunt man in 1982, eventually becoming the President of Stunts Unlimited. Scott found his artistic stride as a director, editor and producer, helming such blockbuster documentaries as Step Into Liquid and Dust to Glory. These action-adventure theatrical films became the foundation of a company, which Scott founded, Bandito Brothers.

Bandito Brothers' sole core was action in the most practical form of filming, “everything in camera”. No SFX. This was Scott’s mantra. And although it made projects more challenging, it created a style and look that created a brand, and left an indelible mark in the film and commercial industry.

With a style clearly defined, Scott has orchestrated a body of films with the industries top filmmakers, including Steven Spielberg who produced Scott’s film Need for Speed, which grossed a total of $204 Million at the box office, and starred none other than Aaron Paul, AKA Jesse Pinkman (for you “Breaking Bad” fans).  The theatrical hit and Men’s Journal’s “Best Action Film of the Year,” Act of Valor still boasts the industry's largest acquisition deal on an independent film to date and was number one at the box office. Currently Scott has completed filming and is editing his 4th film 6 Below with Josh Hartnett and Mira Sorvino.

Variety Magazine named Scott one of its “10 Directors to Watch” and he has been on fire ever since.

Scott has been involved in more than 150 films and 250 commercials, and he isn’t even 30… Or 30 commercials and he isn’t even 250?

Scott has an energy and enthusiasm that is rarely matched and an eye for action with an editors timing to bring it all together. 

Scott’s only additional time is devoted to his wife and 2 boys, who also have acquired the Spiderman gene.