Oren’s comedic sensibilities, strong sense of narrative storytelling, and technical abilities led him to directing. He has helmed commercial campaigns for brands including FIAT, FORD, MICROSOFT, MATTEL, and QUIZNOS, where he also served as a creative director. His QUIZNOS campaign videos have won two Telly Awards, an IAC award, and thrice landed on Ad Week’s Top 10 Spots list. Of note, Oren worked on a campaign with 20th CENTURY FOX for the Maze Runner sequel, The Scorch Trials, that was seen over 2 million times the week it was launched and was written up in over 60 national media publications. Most recently he directed the Verizon Go90 series, Miss 2059, which was nominated for three Streamy Awards.

Oren’s debut feature, THE HAMMER, premiered at the 2010 AFI Film Festival, winning the Breakthrough Film Award and a theatrical distribution deal. The movie was based on the life of UFC Fighter Matt Hamill and featured a cast of primarily Deaf actors. It went on to win seven consecutive audience awards before it’s national release on over 120 screens. On Netflix, it was the 2nd highest rated sports film of all time.

Between directing jobs, Oren dabbles as an award-winning Visual Effects Artist. He also hosts "Just Shoot It", a podcast about storytelling and directing.