Scott Waugh directs "6 Below" by Peter Trucco

In this faith-based drama based on real events, Hartnett plays Eric LeMarque, a former professional hockey player who, at the story’s beginning, is in the throes of a meth addiction and facing a jail sentence. An avid snowboarder, Eric impulsively decides to spend a day in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains just as a storm approaches. Short on winter gear and lacking food, he finds himself trapped there for eight days in freezing temperatures. Fighting the elements and fending off wolves, he’s also forced to deal with drug withdrawal.

Newly Branded G League by Peter Trucco

Lo+Behold has just wrapped up production for the NBA. The NBA is rebranding the "D" League to the G League. The G League is the existing developmental league of the NBA. Lo+Behold is honored to have filmed the launch of this prestigious brand. This 60 second campaign was directed by Rudy Crew, and Strangely Perfect was tasked with creating all the social content. Watch for the launch of this new campaign July 10th, 2017 and catch some of the social elements on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. 

+ Claudia Alberdi joins Lo+Behold by Peter Trucco

Lo+Behold is excited to announce the arrival of Claudia Alberdi. Born in Spain, Claudia speaks 4 different languages, splits her time between LA and Uruguay, is a mom, a wife, and a very accomplished director. Claudia's imagery is beautiful, heartfelt, and ever so natural. She has an inherent eye for honest beauty. Claudia's style is easy, never forced, and she creates an environment which allows her talent to explore and feel confident in the space and in their own skin.  We are looking forward to growing together with Claudia as she returns back to directing. 

Bienvenida, Claudia. ¡Que hagamos muchas bonitas películas juntos! 

+ The BRONZE Age for Matt Pollock & Mentos! by Peter Trucco

Click here to visit the 2016 Cannes Lions Winners' page in the Film category. 

Click here to visit the 2016 Cannes Lions Winners' page in the Film category. 

A HUGE congratulations to our own, Matt Pollock, for his latest accolade, brought to us by the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Every summer since 1954, Cannes, France holds this eight-day festival of the brightest, most creative minds in the world to share their ideas through means of networking, media, and education.

At this year's Cannes Lion, Matt Pollock's Mentos spot, "Mentors", won Bronze in the Film category! The spot, "Mentors", teaches us that the veil of ignorance adults wear in regards to connecting with another human being can easily be casted off once the person is brave enough to take that first step. Our hero children (aka our "communications experts") survey our adults-on-the-street heroes in their quest to openly communicate with strangers, mentoring them on what subjects to talk about. 

The conversations organically created throughout the spot, with a little guidance from Matt, prove the level of wisdom children have when getting over that fear of conversing with another person. The awkward personal barriers are removed with the request of, "Can I have a cuddle?" or "Would you like a Mentos?", are simple and ever so sweet -- but perhaps, don't start a conversation with: "You look as old as my Grandma." 

... Good on ya, Matthew! 

Check out the spot on the Cannes Lions Winners' page, when you click on the "Bronze" button! 

+ Mines of Positivity: Marcus Ubungen & Cisco Show That "There's Never Been A Better Time" by Peter Trucco

Marcus Ubungen highlighted in AdWeek! Click here for the article.

Our own Marcus Ubungen partners with Cisco and Goodby Silverstein & Partners to create a wonderfully faith-restoring portrait film about the then-not-now-dangerous occupations of miners and ice-road truckers, thanks to the technological help of Cisco Systems. 

Cisco's newest campaign, "There's Never Been a Better Time", shines a positive light in our clouded world. The campaign shows through their spots that although there is crisis in the impoverished areas of the world, the technology to fix it--and more importantly, to do something life-changing about it NOW--exists! 

Ubungen and the LO+BEHOLD team flew out to Arizona and Alaska to document these two equally-dangerous, but fascinatingly-different worlds. The spot truly emphasizes the relief in knowing these workers can return home safe after a day's--or week's--work. A feeling worthy of an article in the latest Ad Week

Check out the article with a snippet from Ubungen's portrait film, separately titled, "Dangerous Jobs". And remember the next time you're feeling angry or aimless after watching the news, that there's still hope in different forms sprouting up in the world. There's never been a better time to do something about anything. 

+ Stay Fueled with Gatorade by Peter Trucco

If you're tight on time
To film four athletes
Marcus Ubungen! 

Although the throwback to New York's finest ectoplasmic-fighters has nothing to do with the new campaign our own Marcus Ubungen shot with renowned sports drink company, GATORADE, the lyrics above certainly reflect the talent Ubungen has for delivering quality spots with speed and vigor!

Ubungen, along with VML and Gatorade, shot four athletes in four days with only FOUR hours per athlete (the ol' 4x4x4...), from the west coast (LA), to the east (Miami)! The spots are bits to create a whole interactive piece, advertising the new line of sports fuel Gatorade offers. The campaign will be set up at a kiosk during SXSWon the 15th.

With limited time, limited space, and even MORE limited production resources, Marcus Ubungen pulled off a miracle, and the proof is in the footage. Check it out!

+ Progressive Insurance & Matt Pollock "Live It Up" by Peter Trucco

We’ve all been there: roommates that leave opened pizza boxes on the floor of the living room; significant others that shrank our clothes in the dryer instead of hanging them; the suspicion of whether or not someone truly HAS been drinking straight from your personally-labeled milk carton; and the endless fights over who gets control of the remote.

These share-worthy experiences are exactly the kind of comedic nostalgia that our own Matt Pollock, under ARNOLD Boston, believed would make for a charismatic ad campaign. So much so, that Progressive has dedicated a section of their website to the “Live It Up” movement.

Click here to see Matt’s three spots on the Progressive Insurance website (“Lie Detector”, “Confessions”, and “Conflicts”) AND to get some tips on home DIY, cooking for two, and advice on moving in with that special someone.